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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today is our Malaysian Independence Day and i'm proud to be a Malaysian!!!well,my day started off late in the morning around 10am when i woke up.washed up and changed into sports clothes.mum said we were going for bfast and not to waste time.guess what?i wasted time lazing around and ended up having bfast on my own at a nearby foodcourt.just a walk away.then at 10.30am, i went to Petronas to wait for vincent.he reached just as i approached Petronas.We were then off for futsal at happy garden..Score Arena.Ivan and his bro,kenneth was in VinC's car.we updated each other about our lives as we were on our way there.we finally reached Score Arena and met matthew and zbing,waiting in the car.silas and alex came just awhile after.we waited for the others and soon everybody was there except sean.we played futsal for about 2 hours.hehe.i scored a few goals and it was really exhausting but fun at the same usual,silas was the star player with his giler power dribbling.I was goaly for quite sometime and saved alot of balls..mostly with my legs.haha.i rammed the ball with my foot a few times to shoot and ended up hurting me leg.oh well..with tht shot,at least i scored a goal = p feeling tired and all sweaty,we cooled down after the game by buying some can drinks.we chatted for awhile and decided where to go next. after tht,we went to "medan selera kuchai lama".they had all this stalls..about close to 100 of em..something like asia cafe in subang but not all were open.we got a place and ordered our food.i ate chicken rice and drank a can of 100 plus.woo shiok with the meal but still felt, i went for 2nd round which was crispy chicken rice recommended by ronald and iced chinese tea.we chit chatted while eating.paul was with his pro camera taking photos of all of us.after lunch,we went to INFERNO at oug to ta kei.played counter strike source.3on3.was really shiok playing with my ol schoolmates.i was not tht bad either in da game.most of the time i was using 4-3 for counter-T and 4-2 for terrorist.if no money,use 3-2 lo..ahakz and not forgetting the Magnum sniper rifle.tht's my fav sniper which got me a "few" kills.we ended up making the game more interesting by using only knives and i was so bad at it wei..and after tht we only used shotgun.damn power pack le those things.basically the graphics of counter strike source is really good but the gameplay not really nice to us but ok le..can live with it.i'm not sure how long we played but it came up to RM5 per person.

after finishing our game, silas and alex went back straight away and i followed vinC's car.he sent me back home and i reached home at about 7pm.all tired..i rested for awhile.i decided to workout in my room.did about 100 pushups.100 weight lifting on each hand.well,3kg oni which is kinda light but after fin
ishing one set which was 50 times,my hand felt really numb.after tht,i did about 40 sit-ups.20 times each set..did 2 sets.phew~finally finished..i rested again and went to bath.

*Buns of steel*working it out*

After bathing,i had a pleasant dinner with my family.then, i watched the miss m'sia world beauty pagaent.the protocol was kinda dull.they had like fashion shows,sportswear,and gown wear.sweet looking ladies and the one who was crowned miss malaysia really deserved it.really confident and beautiful.well,tht's how my mer
deka day went about and it was satisfying,fun and tiring.bleh =P

*Miss Malaysia World 2006 - Adeline*

*may the force be with you*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My first post

This is my first post. I finally decided to start a new blog. One that I will keep updated but I have to admit that i'm not very good at setting up a blog. Actually it's kinda havoc setting up a blog as it is a place I can express myself in so many ways and share my thoughts,feelings,experiences and other valuable things. Well, not everything of course, only those i prefer to share.Haha.

Today started off well. woke up at ready in 15 minutes and followed my car pool to college. It'll be jam every morning as usual. what to do??LDP..anyway,reached college around 7.40am as usual.had breakfast with my sweety.she's pretty busy with exams now.studies like a zombie.haha.hafta support her.after breakfast at asia cafe, i went to my beloved college,TCSJ and walked to the Bio Lab for Bio.saw Faye and wished her happy went on and on.break was at 10am had this merdeka celeb ceremony where there was a flagbreak and merdeka songs as well as the "Negaraku".There were so many ppl who gathered at the car park for the ceremony as well as ppl who were standing all around college.on the stairs.outside the cafeteria.outside library.after that,i went to eat with classmates at asia cafe.had dry hor fun.then went back to col and looked for my sweety at ECA(extra-curricular activities) u would expect,she was busy revising maths.then,i went back for college.

Joe, Sean and Kien Seng

Me,Joe and Mun Choy

Merdeka Celebration at TCSJ car park.Look at all the yellow ppl.

ESL was next on the list and was just talkative at that time.time passed and soon my class went to cafeteria to celebrate Faye's bday.the cake was really in cheese and it looked like a big egg tart.Faye was really happy and appreciated all of it.everybody had a good time there.after tht,we went to asia club to play
some foosball.i didn't really get to play,i played pool on my own.yea i know..sad.well,we had fun there too with all the screaming and laughing.mun choy is getting better in foosball usual sean is the "pro" in our class whereas kien seng has a devastating shot and joe still in the learning process like me.foosball rocks!!the girls were having fun too playing foosball but they played in a diff in just turning the handle round and round.well,as long as their having fun.after tht,we headed back to college for physics.i got pretty sleepy during physics.could like just doze off.finally came chem where i was half awake.didn't have the set of past year paper we were suppose to discuss.used an empty paper and started doing but still ended up getting scolded by ms. tan.darn..she has mood swings and it's stoopid when it happens.well, at least we were doing the questions on another piece of paper but she said "Next time sit behind,i don't want to see your face".it was directed to a few of us sitting in a group but i was right in front of her.really felt it.darn i got so pissed off.didn't bother listening to her ady.i could only hear her.

Faye's bday cake from secret recipe

Birthday girl

G16 with Faye the bday girl

The guys playing foosball

The gals playing foosball

Finally college ended.went to library to put my bag and went to Bakers Cottage with the guys.had 3 buns and 1 pandan cake.whoa i was so stuffed.went to library after tht to "study".well,studied a lil.then went looking for my sweety but couldn't find her.walked to McD.takda.walked to i had no i decided to buy credit.then i smsed reply.feeling deprived from attention, i smsed jean,ct, and justin to ask where she was.all din reply.oh..i just went to library to study chem.after awhile i fell asleep.slept for about an hour and then i went to INTI college to play basketball with paula,my longtime friend i follow to college.had fun during bball.after bball,we went to McD for a lil meal and soon we were heading back in a slow jam.reached home about 8 sumthing.basically my day was tiring and fun.merdeka eve.kinda boring at the end of the day.tht's why i'm here blogging.not least it takes up time.hmm..soon it's gonna be time for
with this chance..i would like to wish everyo
ne happy merdeka day!!take care and have fun!!
May the Malaysian spirit keep burning!!

Paula "bear"
*May the force be with you*
*lukey* =)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006