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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Sunday, December 31, 2006

A series of unfortunate events..

hey peeps..
nice of you to drop by..
it's been a very long time since i've,it's time to update u guys on my status.
A few weeks monitor was struck by lightning.i took it for repair.brought it back and sadly to find out tht my cpu was running but cudn't startup.had to replace the network,took the cpu for repair and brought it back home.all ready to use the the my despair..the router wasn't LAN,till now..there ain't no connection for me at home.currently using muh fren's laptop.

I've been busy going out with my gf..other than tht,caroling in BSC for Christmas and staying at home and just watching tv.animax or sports channels most of the time.i finally passed my road test which allowed me to get my driving last!!!after 10 months of delay..

I may be going to Monash University Malaysia to do biotech for 3 years next year and maybe just maybe..i'll be going to Melbourne on the 2nd year and then back here for the 3rd year..
guess tht's all for now..cya!

-may the force be with you-