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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Monday, October 29, 2007

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Monday, October 22, 2007

A day out with Family to Pavilion, KL~

hey ppl~
this post will be full of pics so u won't have to read much.hehe.
One fine day, my family and I went to Pavilion in took us about half an hour to get there but to get a parking i would say altogether 45mins. after reaching there, i was suprised of the amount of space there was. huge space filled with many shops that have also a large space! i don't know why everywhere i go i'm sure to see Parkson.on every floor!lol.well, we went for a lil shopping..ate lunch at Pasta Mania and dinner at CrystalJade Restaurant.oo and guess what??we saw Pak Lah!he was out checking out the shopping mall too ^^ with his wife!everybody was looking at the whole group of ppl walking. he had many escorts but sadly i didn't take a pic of him. Check the pics below!

*Pavilion KL at night*

*Me, myself and I*

*My dad and I*

*Dad and Mum*

*Brotha n Sistah*

*One Happy Family*

*Dinner at CrystalJade Restaurant - Fried Prawns with egg yolk, siu yok, and deep fried toufu*

*Mum n Dad lovin it - Herbal Frog Soup with chinese wine*



*Fame again*

Before going back, my mum got a handbag and my sis and I went to get J.CO donuts!!hehe a dozen of them.yummy!Pavilion..It's a great place to visit.lotsa boutiques, shops, food restaurants and much more over there. Just say the name of the shop..they have it!they're even working on a passageway to KLCC!do visit Pavilion soon cuz it's a nice place to shop!love the big amount of space it has!

*May the Force be with You*


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"Sisters" to me are actually pet sis in short. People would normally have the mentality that a ps (pet sis) is someone whom u wud want to get really close and then wanna be couples. For me, however, ps is someone whom i treat as a sis. not exactly like how i treat my real sister but something more than friends and below tht couple da middle la. Anyway, they're all girls of course and I care a lot for them. especially when they need me. I've done alot of wrong things in the past but i have no regrets taking them as ps as they are great people who do care bout me too =]

Thank you Viknes for being there for me when i needed you.hehe. the times we spent on the bus since we were form 1 was great. all the noise we made and the company we gave each're the youngest of them all and thanks also for the gifts you've given me.i really hope that we'll keep in touch till foreva. All the best in ur studies in India and do let me know when you're back.Send my regards to mum n dad for me! =]

Angie who is really talented in dancing (ballet) and singing, you've been quiet for a few years but i've never forgotten you as my ps. Never forgotten the gift you've given me when we were form 3.haha.such a long long time ago.Leo was great and good thing i joined Leo and went for IUs. If i had not, i wouldn't have met you. Good thing I applied for the MPPJ library membership too.haha. I'm glad that you need my advice at present cuz i'm more than glad to be there for you. All the best in ballet, studies and much more (Jia You) and most importantly, always be happy! =]

My dear TT. Kavitha aka Kavi aka V aka my ps is the one who really cared for me most. even right after we got to know each other. the amount of time we took to get close was very fast..rapid moving friendship which was great. I'm really happy that we could spend all those great times together. In college car park..the benches..chit chatting all the way till evening. We ran up KL tower on the same day ^^ we went to KLCC to unleash~our monkey-ness! and much more. I would like to apologize once more for hurting your feelings and I do know that it has passed and both of us are better people now.doing great in our own field. I'll always remember those sweet memories which i can never get anymore. Thanks for always being there for me and thanks for the times which you are going to be there in the future. Take care of yourself and study hard for your finals. You'll do great =]

To all my ps, I love ya'll and really miss ya'll dearly *Hugs* Studies, gf/bf, distant, time and money may stop us from keeping in contact with each other but nothing can stop us from being pet-siblings ^^
Do keep in touch and do let me know if you need a helping hand, a listening ear or an advising mouth =]
Till then and then after..take care and God bless..

*May the Force be With You*


Monday, October 15, 2007

My Journey through Granado Espada

Many people play many different type of online games. I play Granado Espada. Created by the world reknown gaming producer Hakkyu Kim~Granado Espada is the first game tht i've seen with MCC (Multi-character control). I'm able to control up to 3 chars at a time and i can have up to 36 chars in the game with lots of recruitable NPC ^^ sweet eh?
Today i'm going to blog about my journey through this magnificent on9 game tht caught my attention like never before and how what I did in GE for the past few months =]

So, My journey started off with a fighter, musk and a scout. As soon as i got Gracielo, i switched my fighter to him. People say that Gracielo is not good at high lvls. That comment inspired me as i took it as a challenge and i was determined to push him all the way too Lvl100!

*Main line-up: Musketeer(Luke), Gracielo(Louis) and Scout(Alexander)*

My team travelled through many maps killing mobs and bosses of all levels. A picture as below is at tetra ruins a lvl24 and above map.the only thing in my mind ~GRIND GRIND GRIND~ and whack BOSS!

*Whackin' Phobitan Chieftain at Tetra Ruins*

There were stock chars which i created. Below is my male elementalist, male wizard and Emilia Guniano. As i was training them, i came across this beautiful Lvl90 Sabel Tiger!!it looks tamed ya ^^

*Stock chars Elementalist and Wizard getting friendly with Lvl90 Sabel tiger at Porto Bello*

Besides that, the major thing i loved about GE is that it allows us to have Colony Wars where each faction will take down the towers and gain control of them. Each tower will add up to the bonus of MaxHP (Health Points) at the end of the day till the next CW. My first ever faction was called GENESIS Faction. We were really active in CW and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, GENESIS was disbanded and i went to Fatal Faint Faction which only lasted for 2 weeks and after that, i joined...*To be continued*

*GENESIS Faction successfully grabbed the tower in El Canon Diabolica*

After that, i kept GRINDING. At times, my girlfriend would be around to play with me too. It's a blessing to have a girl like her who supports what i do and have fun together. She's pretty much into online games too.I'm so glad we could play GE together =] we help each other out a lot in GE especially sharing items. i even picked up and gave her Cath's Pelvis (very rare quest item for creating a unique RNPC, Catherine) =]

*My guys saluting my girlfriend's ladies*

*Wee~Time to take the time to relax and pose alil after all the monster killing*

Continuation.. after Fatal Faint disbanded. Most of us went to Reborn and so i followed. The name sounded very catchy and kinda portraits what we were going through.haha =] so, my gf and I decided to join Reborn Faction! The moment i joined, it was very fun chatting with all the members in there. WuDi was the leader of Reborn and he was really supportive and responsible as a leader. He even asked a friend to play his account so that he could declare war on other factions when he couldn't make it on CW (Colony War).

Reborn Faction was the most active faction i have came across. We would have a large number of members participating during CW..around 72 members at one time. We would also have PvP (player vs player) training with each other to train our reflexes, our macro skills and teamwork. We were an organism working through it's way to glory. A few months back, right after CW, our faction did the lvl52 Faction Quest. It was really awesome as we were doing mass AoE (Area of Effect) attacks everywhere and I was only around lvl70. The monsters were at least Lvl100.LoL.My chars couldn't damage them at all as my AR was too low. So, to contribute to my faction and be of use, i became a medic with at least 200 res pots with me and resurrected a lot of my fellow companions =] and we all worked very efficiently to our objective and MADE it~!

*Reborn getting ready to attack El Canon Diabolica colony. Go REBORN!!!*

*Reborn fending off their enemies. Total defense*

*Reborn celebrating their 7 colonies*

*Lvl52 Faction Quest*

*The Boss: Chrysalis*

We also went for many boss raids together like Diablo in El Canon Diabolica and Gerrero in Prison. It was a great experience whacking big bosses like that with your faction and successfully killing them and getting really good items!

*Boss Raid: Gerrero (Prison, Gehenna Bridge all ch)*

*Boss Raid: Diablo (Pradera Ch1)*

I reached Lvl90+ and was grinding really hard at Ustiur (GE version of Jurassic Park). I chatted frequently with my faction mates. We had a lot of fun talking crap and not only that, we helped each other out too!when i needed vis (GE currency), i asked and my faction mates would not fail to help. I love them for that. I afk-ed with a lot of and night, rain or shine. We leveled and had fun together.

*Lvling at Ustiur Tres when Lvl90+, came upon Lvl90 Sabel Tiger and this time..I could defeat it*

Just recently..just yesterday, Reborn disbanded. I was really sad as i was going to miss all my friends there and would no more do the stuff we used to do together. We'd go our separate ways in other words. No more PvP training, no more seeing all the green words popping out in the chatbox. Well, it'll be different in other words. Also..the day Reborn Faction was disbanded, was the day my first char reached Lvl100 =[ my chatbox was very empty n even when i was excited, i had no one to tell tht to..
I remember back then, i would see ppl say "yes!finally 100" and alot of us would be "congratz/gratz" but now i had no chance to go tru tht..oh well, i'm sure gonna miss everyone in Reborn and i really hope we'll meet pretty often in da game.

I'd like to thank WuDi for all he has done for us as a faction leader, also to Tsumura, Mys and KaJuZo who has helped WuDi run Reborn like never b4. I would like to wish ALL THE BEST and have fun to the leaders and also the members of Reborn: Hayle, DreamX, SURE, SoulDragon, itadakimass, TwinkleStars, Windalf, Ase, GranadoELITE, Yadomaru, Leggenda, Bursky, Bence, Tine, mIakaTine, Silva, Bettabite, XxHokagexX, Latin, cloudx, xZionx, Zeratual, CrystalJade, Cybaster, sinZation, smlj, GrImRiPPer, Futuresight, Schiavona, Condors, Ykwm, XDiorAngelX, LuvYou, CONMAM, Kushrenada, Izkwal, XxGlitchxX and to all others =] All of you have been a great bunch!Thanks alot for being there for Reborn!!!

*My Gracielo can't let go of Futuresight's cath as they are in love..Time to go T_T afk..*

I've heard from others, tht many feared Reborn in the game and we were good. I think it doesn't matter. It's as long we all have fun in GE as gamers and not only in factions because GE is a virtual place to mingle and enjoy the awesome graphics and gameplay.

My mum asked my, what do you get out of playing this game?I get to release stress!!haha but actually i get to meet alot of virtual friends all around the world and have fun with each other and enjoy the game which has been brought together by a team of experts and showed what they can do in the gaming world. Giving all us gamers out there an experience that we will not get in other games like MapleStory, DOTA and other online games!

Thanks for reading my post bout Granado Espada. If you're interested in the game, do check out the website and you can do so by clicking here
Let me know if you're playing. The details about me in the game are as below:
Server: Caravaggio
Family name: Groundwalker
Faction: -


*May the Force be With You*


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just keep swimming~

Hey peeps! Long time no i am blogging for a purpose.Well, my gf has made it into the finals for the Loreal Purezone Cash My Dreams Finals!she needs all the votes she can get to achieve her dream. Many think tht it's kinda funny having this dream but i think it's wonderful. Bernie's dream is to swim side by side with the largest living mammal on earth and i mean the LARGEST!dya know what it is??it starts with a W and it eats krills..yesh!more precisely, it's the humpback whale!lovely creatures who are ever so innocent and mean no harm only if provoked. Sadly, they are hunted for their skin and meat. Bernie is trying her best to also create awareness so tht ppl will support this idea/movement to save the whales.

To check out her blog click here
To check out her audition video
click here
To VOTE for her click here
click here

VOTE as many times as u want!i've voted 3times..but there will be 10times more than tht soon =]
TQ ppl for spending ur time reading this and for voting.i really appreciate it.

For what i've been doing the past few months, i've been procrastinating alot, doing assignments last minute and playing alot of Granado Espada.this game is really than that, i have exams coming up end of october n i gotta start studying!PRONTO~ Come back soon for another blog post on the on9 game tht has been a part of my life for the past 8 months..till then.thx for visiting n tc =]

*May the force be with you*