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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#6 Alcohol is NOT my thing...

NOT~!!! :)

I do drink alcohol and this post is to tell you something that you didn't know about me.

Firstly, I drink all sorts of alcohol which includes beer, whisky, cocktails and others.

However, I prefer whisky and cocktail rather than beer.

Secondly, I have only gotten drunk twice~ Once at a house party and another time at Mist club..both was pretty fcked up >.<

Well, I don't drink alcohol so often tho.. and I wouldn't say that I'm good at drinking. Pretty OK I would say..

Lastly, I can drink loads of alcohol the whole night when I go clubbing and will still be standing by the end of the night..why? because I drink and drink and drink but in between I dance a lot and visit the loo.. :D

That's it for now. Look forward to #7 aight!

Peace out~

Beyond Your Imagination~

Few weeks back, I got a chance to attend the Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Night! It was pretty awesome as we had to dress up as Hollywood celebrities. There were people dressed up as icons like Marilyn Monroe, Captain America, Eminem, LMFAO, Mary Kate Olsen, Christina Aguilera, Mr. 305 and even Chewbaca from Star Wars!!!

The event was hosted by the reknown Adam C. from! Besides the good food and free flow of beer, we had various games for the attendees. The attendees were mainly bloggers and friends who were Astro Beyond enthusiasts who wanted to know more about the Astro B.yond IPTV. There was even a room for all of us to check out the high-speed device and could even do live blogging on the spot, live facebook & twitter updates or even reading online articles using the high-speed broadband devices!

I had a great time with all my friends and guess who I was dressed up as?

Check the pictures out below~

*Sue & I*

*Pinky, the woman who forced me to come.. LOL jk! Thx for the event k, was awesome!*

*Mimi & Min chilling on the couch with Eminem*

*The High-speed Room*

*Astro B.yond IPTV device*

*Eminem & LMFAO*

*Farah & June ^^V*

*Everybody loves Chewbaca*

*The cute Fourfeetnine!*

*Ruby (he's suppose to be Kumar) and I*

*The Nuffies! (Pic taken from*

It was a night well spent with my colleagues, the bloggers and friends :)

Thank you Astro for having us! Wooot! High-speed all the way~

Eminem signing out YO!!!