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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Favourite Smurf

My favourite Smurf would be Smurfette played by Kate Perry!!!

Smurfette is the only female Smurf in the group who got lost in the land called Earth. Now, Smurfette has a strong character which would help her and her friends get back to their homeland.

With Gargamel and his cat chasing the Smurfs around, Smurfette would be able to lure them into a daze because of her beauty. Many people and animals included would be attracted to her and would be extremely willing to help her out when she needs help. So, it would be very easy for her and her team to get all the assistance they need.

Talking about GIRL power, Smurfette has it!!! Just as in the movie, she kicks-ass by showing who is boss to the bad guys. With just a flick of her blonde colored hair, everyone around her would be hypnotized. Besides that, her sweet voice would give her friends the strength to fight all who try to stop them from getting back to their homeland! Also, she would just need to hit both of her heels together and walaaaa she'll be able to stop time!!! WHOA!!! How is that for super SMURF talents!!!

Now now, don't you think that she's so adorable?? :D

Catch Smurfs in 3D in cinemas starting 1st September :)

The Smurfs

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