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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Saturday, March 17, 2007


hola peeps!2 weeks since i've blogged.
i just started uni 3 weeks ago in Monash.The work so far is bearable but it's going to get really hectic soon.the system tht Monash actually has for us makes a work and study consistently.every week we have webtests to do which is due every monday and lab reports to finish which is due within one week also.alot of planning has to be done.

Last friday, adrian,joe and I brought our guitars to uni and we jammed!haha.well,i hv no exp in guitar playing and i'm just starting to learn some chordes from joe who is in grade,both adrian and I just started learning from him.oh and the guitar i'm a dad just bought it for me for RM200 =) can't wait to start classes!!!also on this day, I went to 1Utama with my sweetie and watched *300* waseh man!!Man slaughter~!kau was really violent and it was a movie worth watching.2 thumbs up for the graphics and screenplay.the fast and slow motions of the movie made it nice to watch.kinda meaningful too.well,peeps..go watch 300 if you're 18 and above..if not,don't!damn violent wei..haha anyway,i can't wait to watch Stomp the Yard~!


*STOMP the Yard*

*may the force be with you*


Sunday, March 4, 2007

*Genting Trip organized by MUSA*

On saturday,100 students from Monash got to go to Genting for free.Joe,Adrian,Bernie and I joined the group.we gathered at the sunway college foyer around 7 and left for Genting at 8am.i slept during the trip there.i woke up when the bus was swaying left and right while going up the winding road.After reaching Genting,all of us lined up and waited to enter the outdoor theme park.Then,we went in and the first ride we sat was "The Spinner".haha.that ride was nice.pretty dizzy.we were all screaming even when the ride wasn't tht scary.After tht,we went on "Corkscrew".oMg!tht ride was the best!ok la..i mean one of the best.full of adrenalin rush!there were 2 spirals and woohoo!it was just so nice while riding it.sat in the same cart as my sweetie,joe and adrian.we all shared money and bought one pic of all of us sitting the roller coaster.Then,we went on "Spaceshot".all of us except Joe.aiyah!this was the 2nd time he avoided tht ride.he was too scared ady.i hope one day he'll overcome his fear and just go for the ride.haha.even adrian went on it and it was his first time!!haha.adrian,sweetie and I sat in d same row.waited quite long for the thing to move up.when it did,we started talking to each other,trying to prevent from being nervous but sweetie was pretty scared..she was screaming n stuff.well,i tried calming her down.after reaching to the top..we heard the loud *CHKksshhHH*
we waited for 10second..and wooosh~!we went straight down free falling..a.....Hhhhhhhhhhhh~!!damn!the feeling was awesome!!!!
Then came lunch..we had DOminos pizza and soft drinks for lunch.after lunch,we played "Charades".we had a great time.we acted out movies!Joe and I acted for our group and we got 13 out of 15 movies! was darn funny too!after tht,we had a scavenger hunt.we all had to find for the MUSA members all over the outdoor theme was pretty tiring.we ran all over finding for them and when we did,we carried out tasks in order to get their signatures.We had to get a bottle of water for one of them,another..we had to earn RM1 from the public.all of us danced for this couple and the guy gv us RM1!!haha but he eventually got back his RM1.It started to rain after,we were suppose to find all of them in the indoor them park which was really hard to find them.we also had to sing "you're beautiful by James Blunt" to one of them.other than tht,we had to get RM5 of coins,we also learned CPR from one of them n had to find out the price of a jacket from Giordano.We found 19 out of 20 members which was pretty sad but we were satisfied with the effort put into the hunt.the teamwork was good..communication was good..i even had to run after one of them and spy on them while keeping in touch with my other group members while they were handling another member.haha.after the hunt,we went back to the snake and ladder place.they announced the winners.we then went to the First World lobby and waited for the bus to come.we took some pics while waiting for it.i was so tired..i fell asleep in the bus and woke up a few times on the way home..a few seniors sitting in front were joking and talking non-stop.haha.pretty funny though.after reaching monash,sweetie and I took the car and went home.The experience was a great one!fun and exciting..met new friends..a few from sri lanka too ^^ hehe
After reaching home,we ate birthday mee as it was my dad's chinese birthday ;p then,we watched ManUnited vs Liverpool!!!haha.the game was pretty dull but in the end..O Shea from ManUnited scored!!haha..1-0..ManU won!!!haha..i was so darn happy~!now their 12 points clear from Chelsea!!!woohoo!!they're gonna win the EPL cup la..for sure!!
well,tht's all for now..thanks for ur time =)
Here are a few photos...

*Joe took a pic of me sleeping.. -.-*

*At the outdoor theme park*

*At First World hotel lobby*

*Group 8*

-may the force be with you-