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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Monday, February 28, 2011

WTA Tour Day 2

2nd day of the BMW Malaysian Open :)

CC and I arrived around 8am in the morning. Just in time for him to handle the court booking and for me to set up the players lounge. There is a huge board placed in front of the courts which shows the competition table and the map of the area.

*Qualifying Draw: Top 4 will be picked to go into the Main Draw*

*The map of the event*

*Event sponsors*

*Event Sponsors*

*Security guards of X-command preparing to go on duty*

I am the Players Lounge Manager once again :) I am in charge of ensuring the players feel comfortable at the lounge. Other than that, I take care of the flow of the mineral water bottles to the players, stick up updated fixtures and results on the board, keep 5 SAMSUNG Galaxy Tabs for the players to use and other stuff to keep the players company and relaxed. While being on standby all the time, I'll be either online the whole time or I'd be playing games on my computer. It's pretty relaxing for me but it's boring when I'm at it for too long. Sometimes I feel sleepy too. I did try listening to some songs and walked around the area, trained my hits and pops as well. Good thing there were some volunteers who were coming to assist me :) If not, I wouldn't be able to walk around or go for break easily. I'd always have to be at my workstation as players are always in the lounge, relaxing while waiting for their match or waiting to go back to the hotel after their match.

*This is my turf*

*Welcome to Players Lounge :D*

*My workstation..Can u see what page am I on?*

*Idham n abang pun nak camwhore*

*One of the nice waiters on duty*

*Players on their phone, laptop and food*

*Erika Sema dreaming about...*

*Chilling while waiting for their matches*

*It's me in between my two good buddies for this job..fridge 1 n fridge 2 with their bottles*

*My ID card :D Looks like a BMW car dealer..LOL*

While on duty, I am always fiddling with every gadget and technology around me! Be it my laptop, blackberry, and the galaxy tabs. Sometimes, it takes me some time to actually realize that I am doing extreme multi-tasking..using all 3 at the same time while smsing on my other phone! LOL~ Below are a few pics I took with the galaxy tab.. Most of the pics u see throughout this competition are taken either with my bb or the galaxy tabs ;)

*Original wallpaper: Startcraft 2 Illustration of Terran*

*Negative effect*

*Sepia effect*

Sitting down all day and attending to players is not the only thing I do. Besides that, I eat the buffet food that is prepared for the players and coaches. The buffet is just across from my table and they have loads of nice food over there. Although most of it is the same everyday, the food is tasty and fresh, so it is not too bad :) You can find the pics of of food served below...

*Waiters preparing the food*

*Passion vinegar dressing, pasta salad*

*potato salad & steamed rice*

*linguine pasta*

*fetuccini pasta*

*tomato ragout sauce: 1 of my favs!*

*marinara sauce*

*grilled lamb: 1 of my favs!*

*grilled chicken breast*

*Sauces: mint, mushroom, blackpepper, buerre blanc*

*grilled fillet snapper*

*coffee & tea anyone?*

*bananas & green apples*

*chef's salad: 1 of my favs!*

*All sorts of buns*

One of the things I do on my lappie is SKYPE!!! Hehe ;) I even tried skyping on the galaxy tab but it only allows me to call others and not video call. So, the laptop is better for skyping.

*Skyping with my boo*

From 8am till 9pm.. sit down all day, talk to players, fill the fridge, facebook, twitter, blog, play games, and eat and eat and eat!!! That's what I do mainly every single day. I'm in a way stuck in the lounge as I am in charged of it unless the volunteers come over to help but they're only helping out as part time. Doing all that, I think I'll be putting on a few kgs!!! I can't move around much nor can I just dance away...

*After a long day of work*

Well, that is all for day 2! Stay tuned for day 3 as more new things will be posted on the blog.. new food maybe? or even a video of me dancing?? hm... we'll see :) *wink*

Groundwalker signing out~!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Start of the BMW WTA TOUR 2011

It has been a year since I have last seen a real tennis ball and racket!!! It is such a privilege to be invited to help organize this awesome event where the best female tennis players come over to Malaysia and compete with each other for a chance to win a total of $220 000!!! Thank you Susan for believing and trusting in me once again to join you in this wonderful journey of running around whole day or just sitting like a stone in a room or clearing huge courts. Haha. Anyhow, it is an experience worth going through and this will all end in just 2 weeks :)

Here is Groundwalker's journey in the WTA Tour 2011~ starting with DAY 1~

CC and I had our breakfast at Nasi Kandar Pelita around Hartamas before heading to Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. We reached the club around 8.30am and went to meet Susan. CC immediately started his work as the Court Manager, who handles all the court bookings and the players/coaches trainings. I was appointed as the Player Lounge Manager once again just like last year where I will just sit at a table and service the players. My job scope is to ensure all players feel comfortable in the lounge by ensuring there are sufficient supply of mineral water and isotonic drinks, Wifi connection, all the information about the competition, and enough entertainment like the LCD TV and Galaxy Tab to keep them company :) The buffet is served in the same room and I am lucky to be able to just take the food when it is time for me to eat! I will introduce the yummy food on Day 2! So look out!!!

Most of the players are really nice but some are just mean or at least their coaches are. Some of the players are spoilt brats because they are very fussy and demanding on the court bookings and other small stuff. WTA has told us to be aware of this and told us to make sure that we follow the rules and not let the rest take advantage of us..and yes, we are trying our very best to please them at the same time, despite the rudeness and all that :D

Day 1 has been so-so as the players are just having their practices all day. The qualifying rounds to enter the main draw will actually start the next day on Day 2 and I wanna wish all WTA players all the best!!!

Oh oh I noticed a cute Japanese player who goes by the name of Erika Sema.. hehe.. it seems that she's Yurika Sema's younger sister! LoL CC and I think Erika is cuter ;) What do you think?
There were also complimentary Lancome coupons to be given out to the players where they will be able to go for a Multi-sensorial Treatment at either Bangsar Village or The Curve :)

You can check out the pics below~ Not many but you can imagine what my workplace is like ;)

*The Competition Tree*

*The two fridges whr one has Nicole lookin' at me all the time*

*3 out of the 5 Galaxy Tabs in my custody*

*The players and coaches chilling at the lounge*

*That is a nice waiter who looks so darn fierce over here. Well, he was kind enough to serve me that plate of buffet food.. even when I had not ask :)*

The last meal I had for the day was around 9pm and we were done by 930pm. After work, CC dropped me off at Aunt Farah's place for Qis's surprise partay. I was so tired and blur. Looked like a zombie as I crept in. I climbed up the stairs, up 3 floors till I reached the party area and once I did, a few of my adik adiks turned around and screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamed!!! "LUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU'RE HEREEEEEEEEEE!!! WE NEEED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!". Before anything else happened, I quickly walked up to the birthday girl and give her a birthday hug..SURPRISE!!! LOL.. Well, It seems they were battling the boys and the boys were bullying them. Everybody started asking me to go up and dance..and so, I stretched a lil and went in the middle to start dancing.Hm..what song was it? OMG..BIEBER!!! Ewww~ LOL but despite it being a Bee Ber song, I didn't care as I knew that I could dance to any possible song :) So, I gave the crowd what they wanted and totally ripped the battle apart especially with my girly n jazzy moves. I's a lil crowd pleasing but maybe eww at the same time but oh well, everybody had fun XD that's the whole point! The boys who got down in front of everyone reminded me of myself a few years ago.. time flies and I've realized that I have learnt so much and worked so hard to become the dancer I am today and I am glad and proud of myself :)

After that, different people started teaching the crowd different dance styles like broadway, ballet, tap and urban dance style. I was dead I just sat around teaching people a lil popping and waving :) They also played taboo while I just watched them scream n shout n go crazy..

*Mae, Tariq, Me, Qis*

*Birthday girl and I :) Happy 18th Bday Qis! xoxo*

*Dancing to Grease's "Summer Loving"*

*My sis getting all excited over the game, Taboo*

*He's actually a giant*

*Stress giler lah!*

*Faces of enthusiasm*

As it got a lil late, my family and I called it a day and went home.. tiring but I enjoyed my day..loved it as much as I could :) did you?

That's all for Day 1.. and for now.. Look out for Day 2!!!

Groundwalker out~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally I am gonna work!!!

I am finally done with bumming around and will put myself to good use tomorrow from morning till night~ The WTA Tour 2011 is starting soon and we're preparing for the awesome tournament. I hope everything goes well. Will be car-pooling with my friend, Chee Chan every single morning, going through the jam all the way to Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club :) I'm hoping to see the familiar faces especially my friend, Magdalena Rybarikova and her coach!

Other than that, I'm also waiting for good news from Nuffnang. Hoping to join their team as Blogger Relations and contributing my experience, skills and talents :) *Fingers crossed*

There's so many things that I'm looking forward to if I am accepted!!! Woohoooo!!! it includes updating myself about how to fiddle and meddle with blog templates so that I can really get my blog up and running again. Need as many readers as possible, friends or not..I don't mind. As long as people is interested in reading about my thoughts and my life :)

Groundwalker signing off for now~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I think Imma start blogging again!!!

Hello friends!!! I've been away for so long because I have lost touch of blogging and have been so busy with my dancing!

Fret not, as I am going to start blogging again? why you ask? because now I have a reason to blog again! I just applied for Nuffnang, an online advertising company and they've already called me up for an interview :)

I'm am so happy and am looking forward to a good interview tomorrow morning. now everybody wish me luck!

hope all will go well and I'll be able to find my place over there :)

Groundwalker will be back~ Stay tuned!!!