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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day ten ten ten~

Another day at the WTA Tour and today was the day when the semis were played. There were more people today compared to the days before this. I had a few extra season passes to give out, so I broadcasted a message on my bbm to all my friends. Well, only Qis could make it and so she came over to watch the semis :)

When I got home, I tried stacking some Gatorade cans :p

*At beer garden enjoying Kronenbourg*

*Doubles and singles finals*

*Buffet place cleaning in progress*

*Qis posing by the signboard*

*People coming out from Centre Court*

*Media Room*

*People getting signatures from Dokic*

*Preparing to serve*

*Count how many I used to stack ;)*

Friday, March 4, 2011


Day 9!!! The 3rd last day before this awesome job ends :(
The quarterfinals for both doubles and singles category were played today and there were more and more people coming to watch. The centre court of this event was filled up as soon as the matches started.

Being at the players lounge, with less players coming in to relax, I had some free time to go check out the other booths around the site with CC as well as visiting my fellow crew members in their cabin :)

*Picture of the day*

*Bev with a style of her own*

*Player services cabin: Match time!*

Zlwin the Magician, and also a friend of mine, Jolene came over to the event to work from 7-8pm where he entertained the crowd at the beer garden canopy. He managed to show a trick or two to us before we headed back to work.

*Rope magic!!!*

*The mime showing a rope trick while Wengli looks on*

*Jolene taking Zlwin's competitor in action*

*Zlwin showing CC a magic trick*

*A driver trying to drive 3 girls on a buggy*

Day 8

Today.. my shift started a lil later as the matches were starting late afternoon.. There were less players in the players lounge and things were getting bored over there. I only managed to go out more often at night where I watched one of the doubles matches for awhile :)

Other than that, I was busy keeping myself from getting bored by playing FIFA ONLINE 2. LOL.

*Fully focused on the ball..*

*This is how you serve*

*Getting ready to reply*


*The Japanese player in preparation*

*Look at the serve!*


*Autographed tshirt and ball by the players*

*FIFA Online 2*

*The remaining players at night*

7 is my lucky number..One week already!

One week has passed and mostly everyday the routine is same same.. wake up.brush teeth.wash face. wait for cc. go for breakfast. reach Bukit Kiara. go to players lounge. set up my table. sit for 8 hours. talk to players. hear some b*tch whining. some dude trying to act cool. eat fattening food for lunch n dinner. pack up and go home.

Oh well, today I saw one of the ugliest car on earth.. the dude-trying-to-act-cool's car.. freakin' ugly weyh~! Zzzz sorry if ur eyes hurt but I just wanna share with the world is fckin ugly car :)

*The fckin old mini cooper =.= PU998 without side mirror. Pls burn this car if u see this*

PS: Sorry ppl. I'm just damn pissed with some ppl right now!!! That's all for today's post.. lucky 8 coming up next!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We are halfway through~ It is Day 6

*Taipei player*

*The serve*

*Sharing the courts*

*Players practicing in the centre court*

*On the centre court*

*Main stand*

*BMW Shuttle Service: BMW 3 series*

*Ferrari??! Lol..I've been seeing sports luxury cars nearly everyday for a week now*

*Front view*

*Can you spot a friend of mine? I call her Maggie. Congratulations! Keep it up!!! :)*

*Tournament of Champions*

Day 6 has been a pretty chilling and fun day for me. Firstly, as I reached this morning, I spotted another Porche parked at the parking lot. WALAOWEY~!!! *Envy* I'm even wearing the new attire the sponsors gave us like the tshirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Many people came to visit and kept me the water boys, CC, my volunteers and others. Some even came and tried to get free drinks from me but I always tell each of them the same thing, that the drinks can only be given out to players and their coaches. The thing is, they know that but they would still try.. nobody could get any from me except a few people whom left me speechless at what they've said or done =.= KNN!!! like seriously.. it's a joke! cuz not only outsiders come and ask..even our own committee had tried to take from us even when they know we were low on stocks during the period of time.

Oh today.. Let me introduce to you the lovely security guard taking care of the players lounge.. Her name is Mimi and yes she is a lady as requested by WTA as this is an all female tennis competition. Hm.. but I'm the Lounge Manager and I am most of the time inside.. haha how ironic right? but I'm not complaining. I love my job as it is the easiest to do but has it's cons as well where I gotta sit down at the same place for long hours and be alert all the time as players may need something right away like rice for them to eat b4 the match of they could be having some problem with transport or even their accomodation. Besides our security guard, we have my man, of the waterboys who ensures the water supplies are sent to the lounge when I am running out of them. I would then put them in the day before to make sure the bottles are properly chilled as most players prefer their water to be cold.

*Everything sponsored by PEAK & BMW*

*Idham with goreng pisang and the tab*

*My dinner for the day: Grilled lamb & chicken with pasta salad and macaroni cheese*

*Player lounge security guard*

*Lisbeth always dresses up and always look good :)*

*Cans of autographed tennis balls by the players for PRO AM event*

*Kimiko Date-Krumm and I :D*

Besides having the company of people around me, I play games on my laptop and most of the time, the game that I play would be FIFA Online 2 which requires internet and Dragon Age Origins which I just bought the other day. Both are awesome to play and I am an enjoying the start of playing Dragon Age Origins :) The graphics in the game were good as well as the plot. The story line is also interesting and interactive as well.

*Blogging about the first few days of WTA Tour*

*Playing Dragon Age Origins*

Day 5

Day 5 was when the main draw categories started. There aren't too many spectators during the first few rounds but it will pick up during the later stages especially the last 3 days where the quarterfinals, semis and finals will be played. The main court is called the Centre Court and that is the court the live broadcasting is taken place.

*The centre court view from the outside*

The stuff that I had to do was the same today as the other days earlier but I had more time to take a break as Gillian and Lisbeth had been a big help in assisting me :) So, I took my time to eat lunch rather than gobbling down all the food. I took some time to go to the marques and booths outside and I realize there were a few different companies who were promoting their products over there. There's a BMW showroom of course and the new models of cars were put there for the public to check out. Other than that, there were beer vendors called Kronenberg 1664, as well as media companies like NST, Astro, Digi and so on.

*BMW Z4 sDrive35i: RM500k+*

*The real thing! Z4!!! It's darn small*

*BMW 7 series NEW!!! RM600k+*

*Porche Turbo*

*Singapore ppl!!!*

*Early morning surprise!*

In the afternoon, I could finally get the official clothes of the event because the stock has finally arrived. Can you imagine.. halfway through the event and then only the official attire arrives. Well, I didn't change right away cuz player services would only start wearing them the next day starting with black tshirt and then white tshirt and then black tshirt as so on. Alternate it is. Everybody received a cap but I did not want the cap as I didn't need one as I was indoors most of the time and I also didn't think that the cap was really nice. The full sports attire was sponsored by PEAK. A brand from Italy I think...

*Samsung Galaxy Tab*


*Do I look like Banana Bond?*

*My kawan at Bukit Kiara*

*My two fridges of water and gatorade*

*Player and coach watching the live broadcast*

The day ended quite late for us at night as we had to wait for all matches to finish before going home. So, were only went home about 11 something. CC was sick so he immediately sent me home instead of going to yum cha and we got our rest.

*Chee chan KO-ed while Shearn and I watch the MU match*

Time for day 6 the next day~! Woot!!!