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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

*farNee pics from CHINA*

Some funny pics taken from kennysia's blog =) jz wanna share it with the world..hehe

Spotted on a box of a massage chair..
*Instead of helping you relieve the fatigue, this massage chair wants you to RELIVE the fatigue!*

From a hotel toilet in HangZhou,China..
*Becareful of wet floor!*

From a restaurant menu in a 3 star hotel..
*"Picks" = chop*

*"Three texts cure" = sandwich*

Now these are the really good ones..

-May the force be with you-


*More pics..Pose Striking*

This is how G16 strike their poses..enjoy~!


*The boobie pic...STRIKE 1*

*V is trying to climb a "tree"(marie)..chanchal has AnTennas??*

*Strike 2!*

*check'em out*

*Hot mamaZ*

*I hv no idea..*

*Just Adorable*

*1..2..Act cute!*

*V and Anne*

*The power of 4*


*Flying kick..Strike 3!!*


-May the force be with u-


Thursday, October 12, 2006

*Picture Day*

Just pics for the day..Pics of my wonderful class..G16 =) i'm really gonna miss are my peeps in G16..
*G16 in Black*

*G16 in Pink*

*G16 in Multicolours*

*Asst. Class Rep and Class Rep*

*This is what guys of G16 do after college..a way to release stress*

*G16 in action~!*

*from bottom,clockwise - kavi,jia yi,yin xin and I*

*L-R:Me,li anne,kavi and joanne*

*G16 Hand Models - Daniel,Faye,Kavi and Jolene*

*Along of very AFRAID!!!*

*Shaolin Disciples of G16/Yoga Masters of G16*

*G16 Star Models - from bottom,clockwise - chanchal,kavi,marie,karen and jolene*

*G16 Angels*

-May the force be with ya'll-


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I didn't get to play with lanterns and candles this year..i play them with my sis.sadly during mooncake festival i couldn't play with lanterns and light candles.i was at zhu hann's house..where i met his family..had fun there chatting with the bro and hanging out with hann.i even played bball will the people who lived there..nice ppl..many of my friends smsed to wish Happy Mooncake Festival.It's great still celebrating mooncake festival but in a different way..

Just today..i had 1 mooncake ALL by myself =)
bleh..i felt so full and i ate it like it was a many ppl can do tht??
woo shiok~!
well,tht's the beauty of the mooncake..sweet!

-may the force be with u-


Monday, October 9, 2006


The extraordinary event..something different from the others..check this out especially for Taylorians.Quick~!tickets are out and selling fast...get them while stocks last.for more info..*click here*

Sunday, October 8, 2006

*It's finally over*

i'm so darn tired and burnt..
after 2 days of hardcore bball,we finally finished 3rd placing in the MAPCU BBALL COMPETITION!
taylors team was playing really well..the first group stage..we won all 3 matches which was on saturday.with tht,we qualified to the next group stage which was on sunday.we once again won 3 matches to make it to the the semis,we met HELP college who beat us to go into the finals.then,we played with INTI and beat them for 3rd will be uploaded soon.sry but i'm really lazy to type my whole journey..basically it's damn tiring and fun =) it's finally over~!
-basketball foreva-
Adding to this,the swimming team got 4th place and the ping pong team got 3rd place.congratz to all!!!here are the pics...

*Taylors Ping-Pong Team 2006*

*Taylors Swimming Team 2006*

*Candid shot..Taylors Bball Team 2006*

*Guess whO??*

*Yo~!it's mark,hann,me and hsiang!*

*Lets play ball~!*

*Time to show some skills*

*ok..uh..stretch~pep talk...*

*Warm up time..lay ups first*

*Pass to me..pass to me!!no.14*

*Team spirit~!Taylors!!Jia YOOooUU~!*

*Err..What are we suppose to do again??*

*AhA~!Taylors College Basketball Team 2006*

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

*Sad ppl*

Sad ppl..

Sad ppl..around me..calling me lame..i'm still in a kiddy world..commenting about my nick..
Oh me oh my..sad ppl just got nothing better to say..
if u sad ppl got d guts..come say it in muh face..dun waste ur time and especially dun waste the space on my chatterbox..

What if i wanna be lame..??
what if i wanna be funny??
what if i wanna put whatever nickname i like??
what if i wanna be gay??
what if i wanna be a kid??
what if i'm cuter than u sad ppl??
what if i'm not cute??
what if i'm 7inches(limp)??
what if i have a child's mentality??
what if i love to do things i wanna do??

who are u ppl to comment??
just shut the F**K up..
it's my choice and u ppl can just mind ur own business..
oh sad ppl..u can complain all u want..comment all u want..i just don't care..cuz i'm just gonna move on with life..after i finish this post..dedicated to u sad ppl..
well,ya'll hv just been so cousin sis doesn't even put diz kinda nick.haha.oh Woo~!so..she has an adult mentality le it seems.why talk bout her?talk bout urself ur mentality so bloody adult like..
and what carebear??tht's so lame..mayb barney suits u..

oh my..
a few sad ppl is in the building..oh God pls help them..
oh..sad ppl..cheer up..there's more to life..don't worry,be happy =)

PS:Thanks kavi for backing me up..maybe you're right!they're just jealous i'm cuter than them..too bad i dunno how they look like..if i do,at least i'll know how "cute" they are..