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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Sunday, November 26, 2006


TAGGED by Adrian Chan Mun Choy..haha God bless you~!luvya dude~!

7 hobbies
Playing basketball
Chatting online
Eating junk

7 things on my to-do list
Get my driving license

Learn Mandarin
Learn how to play a guitar
Learn how to swim
Go for ballroom classes
Start bowling with my own bowling ball once more

7 unique traits

A pair of ears like satellite dishes
4 dimples(2 prominent)
Thick eyebrows
Thick lips
hairy up there
hairy down there
hairy all over

7 fav drinks
Ice Lemon Tea
Chinese Tea
Mango Juice
Kopi O Peng
Sea Coconut

7 passions
Caroling for Christmas
Being lame
Being funny

7 awesome movies
Air Force One
Mission Impossible
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Death Note

7 good bands
Simple Plan
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
All American Rejects
Click Five
Panic at the Disco

7 things im anal about
Anonymous-blog-invaders (sad f**ks)
Un-gentleman men
Ppl without sportsmanship
Ppl who talks obvious absurd bullshit
Being taken advantage of

7 random men
Kien Seng
Wai Yip
Wayne Rooney

7 bad habits
Dig my nose without using tissue
silent fart in the car
cleans up the house only when my parents tell me to
sleep like a pig and wake up on time only when i have an occasion on
Don't brush teeth at night
Eat b4 i sleep at night
Do things last minute(studies and assignments and projects especially)

7 painful experiences
Twisting my left ankle(8 times)
Twisting my right ankle(9 times)
Scrapping my thigh skin off
Scrapping my skin at muh pelvis twice in 2 weeks
getting rammed at my penis by a football
Having tummy cramps while sleeping(ok..i know what u'r thinking but it's not..was cuz of gastric and muscle exertion)
Bruising my whole body during commando courses

7 treasured moments
Spending time with my mum and dad and sis in shopping complexes
Chillin out with friends in high school(ponteng class and stuff)
Goofin' around with college mates(G16 rockz!!!)
Facing achievements for the first time(getting top 3 in class back in high school,getting top in atheletics)
Spending time with my sweetie
Spending time with my tt
Dancing with my mum and dad in da family room

7 goals before 30
Get married
Have children
get Masters
be a top worker wherever i work in
Fit and healthy
Have a nice body with toned muscles
Support my parents

7 favourite deserts
Chocolate Ice cream
Fruit Cocktail
Ice blended stuff
Fried Ice cream

7 people i tag

Li Anne

-May the force be with u-


SAM prom 2006

yo peeps!!
long time since i've tv and com monitor got strucked by after another.b4 this my streamyx was down...and it was ok during my finalz..i used it and then right after my finalz,my com monitor just have to get struck by lightning -.-"

Anyway,on the 22nd November..was my SAM prom.Theme:Frozen in Time.haha.the sad thing is tht it's only for SAM ppl.too bad for couples.

My day started off when Paula's mum sent me to the Sunway Hotel Resort Lobby.I called Adrian and he said Sean was there.So,i waited for them and after a few minutes,they arrived.We chit chatted and then we went to the Sunway Tower Hotel Lobby to check in.Adrian's dad was there and wai yip came along.Adrian's dad got us a nice price.we checked in and went to our room.was on the highest floor.15th 155.hehe it was actually a room with only a king sized bed.we had to make do with it le..5 guys were staying in the room.the chilled there and then we went to sunway pyramid to check out the price to do our hair at A CUT ABOVE.then joe reached sunway pyramid.after tht,i went to college by cab to see my sweetie.found her at the library doing her OS work at a com.happy to see her i was =) we then went to have a drink at asia cafe.Kong and chao yi came and joined us..i ate TAKOYAKI =P yum..then i had to head back to the hotel ady after an hour.

When i reached the hotel..the guys were playing cards..CHO TAI TI oh~!havoc..i played one game and after tht we went to A CUT ABOVE to do our hair.our hair turned out awesome!just for Rm15..was worth it le.only joe,adrian,li anne and I went to the saloon to do our hair.wai yip had to bath for 40mins..sean n kien seng stayed in da room.haha.farnee..sean left his ticket at home and he had to get his bro to get it for him..well with a condition..Sean had to pay him Rm50.anyway,after getting our hair done,we went back to our room and started getting ready for was already 6.30pm and prom was s'pose to start at 6pm.after getting changed, we started taking lotsa pics.i put on my shirt and slacks i bought from Durban and wore my blazer i used for prefects last time.then,i also put on lip balm as my lips was very very dry.after all tht,we went to Sunway Resort..15th floor..

As we reached the entrance,there were so many ppl all dressed up.All the ladies and gentlemen..very very nice.all dressed up.i took some pics with muh classmates and we all looked pretty n beautiful.ok for the guys..handsome le.alot of ppl commented bout muh hair though..haha..suprising for them.As the prom started,we went in to look for our table.i sat at table 30..after awhile..sean,kien seng,joe,adrian and I went down to the lobby to wait for the gals to come.after waiting for 10mins,they came.Sean and kien seng helped the gals with their luggages..haha by going back up to the hotel room and putting the those ppl are gentlemen =)

After tht,we all went to the ballroom and started to enjoy the prom.the prom went smoothly..the food was ok to me..i ate alot..the drinks kept coming!haha..i loved tht..good service..i also saw some waiters who were actually my juniors freom my ex-high school.haha.i cud recognize them.we took lotsa pics during the prom.some "sapu" photos but most of them all of us looked elegant.nice!!!after the prom we had some dancing.oh man!we danced like crazy.i mean i really really had fun dancing.tht was the first time i really danced till i felt like i ran out of stamina.sweat like a dog.gosh..anyway,it was all so fun...dancing with muh friends..

Then,all sweaty i just put on my blazer and started taking a few pics again.after tht, we went back to our hotel room and i changed to something dry.we chilled in the room for awhile.some of us played cards.i just sat down with kavi and looked upon the others =P we then went to a mamak nearby the hotel..i ate cheese naan and ate tandoori chicken..haha so hungry..feeling all thirsty i drank 1 teh O ais..1 limau ais and 1 justea.wa..after tht i was so full..lovely..pleasant meal but their service really sucked..after all tht,we walked back to the hotel lobby and kavi's dad,li anne and kavi went home.we guys headed back to our room..we washed up and slept.The next day was a different story..hehe we had so much fun during prom and i'm really gonna miss all the SAM peeps especially my classmates..all the times we spent together.we used to dress up in all same together by taking up a whole stretch of tables across Asia Cafe.we all learnt how to camwhore..all the memories gained..they shall remain..

Prom pics will be uploaded soon..ya'll hv to wait..sry for the inconvenience caused..peace out

-may the force be with u-


Monday, November 20, 2006

Human nature

Human nature..ppl fall in love..ppl break up..ppl like each other..ppl just wanna have fun..ppl just wanna flirt..why?
It has been ever since there were only a few ppl in this world...It's in our nature to do this kinda things.However,we have the power and will to control what we do.How much love do we get when we love someone?How are we to measure such a thing?How do you know whether you really love someone?Can LOVE be defined by looking in a dictionary?

To isn't just something to be messed around with..and I admit "Love" has been messy for me..i'll never know what true love is till the day comes.I'll just have to be patient and wait.Even so,tht doesn't mean I should stop believing or loving.Peeps..continue to love and spread ur care cuz others need them.Even if they don't give you the same treatment.bare with them and trust them as they may do the same for others.have faith in yourself if you really wanna love somebody.

Having a relationship is something ppl commonly look for but it may be just a casual relationship..or a serious SERIOUS can it be??how dya know whether it is for real??tht it's gonna last forever??the word tht plays a great part here is TRUST.Trust each other no matter what and the relationship will survive for a great deal of time..but no guarantee k.other than tht,RESPONSIBILITY is also another important thing in having a relationship.Be in control and take full responsibility of your relationship for everything tht happens.Even if you and ur partner is young and feeding on ur parents consider tht you are and thank them for tht..if possible..let them know about your,your parents will also have the trust for u and they'll know where the money goes OPEN to each other..don't hide everything from each other..let each other know the important stuff u wanna say.especially things tht u need talk about.Unfortunately,i believe tht some things are meant not to be keep it to urself for the sake of the relationship.This is just the few things essential for a strong..long term relationship but it all boils down to the ppl..the surroundings and environment.Just be sincere when u go into a relationship for i've learnt it's the only way to survive the later parts in life..

To singles out there..stay single and have fun!!there's alot of advantages in being single..ahem..u'll know if u'r single le..haha anyway,peace out and spread the love ya'll~!!

-may the force be with u-


Thursday, November 16, 2006

one day after finalz..

waseh day after finalz..i'm chillin but i don't feel so free yet..i dunno why..hehe maybe cuz i went to college 2day..

WELL,my day started off well when i woke up in da ready and followed my mum to hv bfast.after tht went to muh sister's school to apply for a transfer..from BK4 to assunta secondary..hehe my mum's ex-school.den after tht i went to a home saloon and just guess what i did..well..u'll know if u see me around soon enough(HINT:everybody who saw me had their eyes open wide..jaw down..or smiled n just laughed..) =P

Then after tht i went to col..went to ac..saw jin and aston playing i joined them.den saw jon..aston and i..beat jon and jin who had to crawl under the pool table cuz they lost..haha part of the challenge we had.den i went back to college to wait for bernie to finish college.den i chilled at library and den went to ac for lunch..den went for pool with bernie..had a good time =)

Around 6pm we went to summit with casey..joshua..and Ian..damn shiok when i was in casey's car.he drives a BMW 3 series which is super HOT in white!!Ian and joshua was in Ian's proton,it was like this..they wanted to race to summit starting from college..where it was super fast..the moment the cars accelerated..their speeds reached 60km/hr immediately..and even went up till 100km/hr..just imagine from summit.sitting in casey's car was really shiok..full of adrenaline rush man.he even drove passed the 2 traffic lights where there were 2 traffic police on each fast they didn't even see.then we arrive first at summit lo.parked and went to the rock climbing area.damn fun!i didn't know it was tht fun..first time rock climbing and i bruised alot of places..cut muh finger..bruised my fingers were all soar..but shiok!!here are the few pics we took..
Taken from casey's blog...

*Casey, Bernie and Me with da Spidey pose*

*Random pose*

*Speed Climbing Competition*

*Ian, Bernie and Joshua*

*Joshua da Spider-Man wannabe*

After tht we went to the arcade.we played daytona with each other and after tht..casey..bernie and i had to take off ady.after sending bernie off..i went to look for muh mum in summit.she was buying a new digital camera.fuh~OLYMPUS oh..not bad..6 mega pixels with 1GB memory card..mum negotiated with lotsa ppl.the last one she did with took about 45mins!both of them was so stubborn wei..i mean my mum and the salesman...but respect my mum le..she made sure the guy eventually gave up and gv her a good price..haha..i had nothing to say at tht moment..just day was overall fun and nice..

-may the force be with you-


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


woohoo!!SAM is has ended and i'm free!!!!for a few months..
i'm gonna miss everyone in college..all the lecturers..the peeps..the staff..the facilities!!!
i'm gonna miss SAM well as A lvl peeps..ICPU peeps..ADP peeps..TBS peeps..TCPJ peeps..all muh friends..thanks for ur time and hope tht we'll keep in touch k?
i'm gonna miss the cafeteria where i use to eat nasi lemak with muh classmates sometimes after or b4 classes..
i'm gonna miss the toilets i used to pee in everyday..*bomb Iraq* when i needed to..check my hair out,wash muh face,wash muh hands with soap after foosball..and much more le..

i'm gonna miss the library where i studied..fell asleep in..met so many new ppl in..
i'm gonna miss the web..the place i surfed the net when i was bored..watched so many self-made videos..laughed and enjoyed videos with friends..
i'm gonna miss all the classes..the place where i studied,danced,laughed,cheered and had so much fun..
i'm gonna miss the labs where i did experiments..drank a pinch of wine i made..learnt so many interesting things..made flubbers..wore labcoats in..cut a liver..
i'm gonna miss the pizza garden where i just sat down to think..did my homework..took a stroll..
i'm gonna miss the ECA office which is now not there anymore..moved to another was the place where i relaxed..studied..had fun with friends..made videos..danced..and did STUFF
i'm gonna miss the SAM office where i used to go see the nice lady to get my SSABSSA number..the place i went to look for a replacement class for my classmate..
i'm gonna miss the Main office..the place where i registered muhself as a Taylorian..for SAM course..
i'm gonna miss the basketball court where i used to sharpen my basketball mostly every week..sweat and stayed fit..met new friends and most of all..grew deeper in passion for the game!
i'm gonna miss the car park where i used to have nice chats with well as other fwends..played friz-b and painted the leo banner..
i'm gonna miss the MPH..the multi purpose included..where i had so many functions..went for them i teacher's day celeb..Sam fest..Zest..Leo Installation..Chinese New year Celebration..teacher's day celeb..interdance competition...and not forgetting all the exams in tht hall!!!
i'm gonna miss the benches under the trees where i used to sit and hv nice talks with ppl..accompanied ppl...made new friends and just chillin there waiting for my ride =P
Most of all..i'm gonna miss TAYLORS COLLEGE!!!

well..i may be going back to taylors for bio tech..depends..ain't so sure yet...but's just time to party!!!!i'm gonna get muh driving license soon..i wanna exercise!!i wanna run like the wind till i drop..i wanna learn up guitar..i wanna learn how to swim...i wanna take up mandarin classes..i wanna take up ballroom classes..i wanna go-kart..i wanna take up badminton..i wanna be an many things in muh mind now..ok luke..chill..chill..
cheer to all!!!take care!!!yaahooooO~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-may the force be with you-


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I'm so screwed :s

Went to college today..reached at 9.30am.went straight to cafeteria and had nasi lemak for bfast.then,i started doing some maths from 10 to 11.45am.after tht,i went to library to put my bag and went to eat with bernie and gang.went back to library to study till 2.30pm..then casey came along when i was playing some mario game and solitaire..we took some funny pics..really really funny looking
Taken from Casey's blog...

*Bernie,mua and casey*

*kissy kissy*

*Muackz..Shiok sendiri =P*

*The gang - Bernie,me,casey,xiao wen and allan...nice~!*

then we went to KFC for lunch.casey drove us us there with his BMW 3 series..really nice white one.somebody called him and they were talking n talking..for a moment i tot he was talking to his ex-BOYFRIEND...but it was actually just a joke..kk then when we reached KFC..we ordered and sat down to eat.i ate snack plate with spicy chicken and garden salad.was really full after tht.then we went back to college..i played bball for awhile then went to library to cool down by playing some mario at After mario i went to Mac centre to buy batteries for myself and wai insert in our calculator for maths..bleh..i only studied for 3 hours plus!!i'm so dead cuz Maths Finalz is 2moro..God bless me..

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Random pics from the past..

I've decided to just post some pics and blog during my so

*Chillin at McD*

*Hardo Bodyguards*

*Posing at Sunway*

*Bowling at Sunway*

*Chemistry Frenzy - Polymer making aka Flubber making*

*The lil flubbers*

*3 bday gals*

*Freeze!Put ur hands behind ur head..u hv the right to remain silent for anything u say...*

*Exam stress*

*The gay class rep and gay ass. class rep*

*Sean aka Pimp Daddy*


-may the force be with u-


G16 according to...

A PART OF G16 2006
Sexy-licious V
Booty-licious Lady Faye
"D"-licious Jo
Pweetie-licious Anne
Lukey aka Mr.GaY
Freestyler Choy
HipSS (hip shaker SENG)
Sean aka pimp dad-E aka RoBo-Fooser
Joe aka Hardo Gay
Daniel aka Pweetie Boy
Wai Yip aka LLC (lansi leng chai)

Scientific Testimonials... (more to come)
The rate at which you throw a frisbee is enough to release the frisbee with such high kinetic energy that the work done to get the frisbee across to your partner is more than the work done for you to move your hips like a horny gorilla. The work done to move your hips can be calculated using this formula K = qh (whereby h is the degree of gorilla horniness that you are reciding at , at that point in time) and the amount of glucose you burn is enough to cause your hips to lack oxygen ,hence amounting in terms of anaerobic respiration which leads to lactic acid buildup.. (see,thats why you get tired after a minute or two of moving your hips like a horny gorilla) the end you just SHAKE YOUR HIPS MORE (say it miss tan's style) and put on a smile with a radius of 2 milimetres

Did u noe that the number of times u scream a day can be modelled using the logistic function, where it becomes constant after a while because u ran out of breath. Then, the energy that fuels ur screams and laughter is supplied by ATP, which is the source for immediate energy. then the frequency ur scream and laugh can be found by using the speed of light divided by the speed of sound( dunno whether if this is correct of not) finally, the amount of energy given out when u scream is equivalent to 5000 neutralising reactions between acid and bases... (Kavitha,2006)

Must understand that lab coats are only for specific ppl. just like an atom absorbing a specific photon......also if u wear ur lab coat and goggles....the amount of energy u can release due to the cuteness can be calculated using E=mc squared, where the amount of energy reeased is in the Mev range. then, guys will be lining up to ask you to dance with them just like the addition reaction of many monomers, forming a long polymer chain...the amount of guys lining up can be shown using the logistic function, where eventually the amount becomes constant. and finally u must realise that the reason why i replied is due to the actions of hormones which are long lasting, general in effect, travels in the bloodstream and are produced in the endocrind gland (Teo,2006)

Firstly, the rate of you going out to shop can be found by differentiating the function of the number of times u shop a year, and the maximum can be found by equalling the differentiation to zero. then, the reason why sometimes you have the craving to shop is due to the action of hormones.....the shopping hormone actually (which i think does not exist) Then using the horizontal component can be found when you chuck your old shirts away as they travel in a projectile motion...Finally, the plastic bag used to put your newly bought shirts are thermoplastics...which soften when heated and are suited to recycling...they are not however, biodegradeble... (Lim,2006)

Other than that, the force while kissing is according to Newton's 3rd Law which states tht for every action,there is an equal(in magnitude) and opposite(in direction) force.The lips of the kisser will apply a force on the kissed and thus the kisser will also feel this force.The amount of saliver produce is directly proportional to the time taken to kiss.As the time increases,the amount of saliver produced increases.Besides tht,hormones will start to produce.The endocrine glands in the body will start to produce hormones which are testerones in males and progesterones in females.Other than those hormones,andrenalin will also rise in amount.The philosophy of kissing is according to the subjective term and is illegal if done in public as stated by UN(Ong,2006)

Monday, November 6, 2006

The Return of The Jedi

Lukeskywalker will return in 10 days time..for he has his final exams to concentrate on..

In the last episode,his mum didn't pay the streamyx bill for 2 months..thus,the line got cut off and he suffered great boredom and had to just sleep when he was suppose to be online.for 3 weeks without's like hell but oh well,it's back now with crappy disconnections once in awhile..

Thanks to all for ur patience and sorry for any inconvinience caused.

-may the force be with u-