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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Trials is over~!
finally free from brain's time to relax and have fun!!woohoo~!

Right after trials,i went to kepong with kavi,joe n ceat to play badminton.had lotsa fun and was pretty tired after playing.after badminton we went makan at a mamak restaurant.thanks to ceat who brought us around in her car and to kavi who took us to her house to chillout ^^
Great times we and i flew like birds all around the court and kena ta pau-ed by badmiton player le..Joe and i went back to central by ktm and i reached sj station around 8pm.then i went for dinner..then asia net..then to chen ting's place to spend a night.

In the morning,i woke up with my whole body aching. went to col library to return a book and then walked to sj ktm station to get kavi.we then walked to asia cafe to hv a snack.then,we went to cafeteria where we met joe,yee wun, and yun ceat.we all went to guardhouse and waited for the others.when everybody was there,we went to sunway pyramid.some went for karaoke at RED BOX..and 3 of us..kavi,joe and i went bowling..then joanne joined us at the bowling alley..played a game..muh score was 98..ok le..after a long time of not playing..after bowling we went to bbq plaza to have lunch.then,kien seng joined us after tht..we went bowling again!this time i scored 115..after tht,we went out and found diz havoc stall selling havoc tshirts!i SO wanna buy them..maybe 1 or 2 le...FBI (Female Body Investigator) LOL

after tht..we all had to go off..i went outside and wei henn and gang picked me up.then we went for bball training at seri was really tiring and was all dehydrated.after training we went to McD to have a drink.5 of us..ordered 2 large coke..drank them..then refilled about 4 to 5 times with diff!after tht,hsiang sent me back to college.then i went to have dinner with jean.she was all alone..cold..starving..was waiting for me at starbucks..after dinner,we went to get fruits..i carried 12oranges in a plastic bag with one hand and 13 apples in a plastic bag with the other.we walked all the way back to MY PLACE..5 floors up..immediately when i reached the top,both my legs were cramp..bleh~!then,i got to eat an apple..and took jean's cat down to play at the lil kitten..shortly after tht,mum came and i went off home..watched *so u think u can dance* when i reached home.really nice!

Tht's bout it so far..basically i'm free!!!

actually for 1 months plus..and it's time to face finalz..heart wrenching final exam... :s
so,i have to enjoy as much as i can b4 it's time to burn again =)

-may the force be with you-


Saturday, September 23, 2006


woo hoo~!
i made it into the team!!!i'm so so happy now..yesh~!
really appreciate the support from all my friends like xuyen..sean..n my other classmates..haha
i know i'm gonna hv lotsa fun playing with all of them..
Hehn, Han John, Hsiang, Zhu Hann, Mark, Zhi Ven and 5 other players from TCPJ =)
training starts on the 29th of September n competition date is on d 7th of October at INTI Nilai..
hope we'll train well,play well,do us Taylors proud and most importantly HAVE FUN~!

wish us luck k ^^

-may the force be with u-


*MAPCU Bball Selection*

after 3 tiring and fun bball selections,i hope i'll be able to make it to the team representing taylors for the MAPCU bball competition.during the 1st selection,there were about 30 over players.players were shortlisted n i made it to the 2nd selection where there were about 20 ppl.players were again shortlisted n i made it to d 3rd selection where there were around 16 ppl.well,they needed only 12 players to represent Taylors.there is already a place for a national player n a state player.i heard tht the national player is a point guard who is really sharp at 3-pointers n is 170 plus cm..really tall,players around my height..there's only 2 places for us.the selections was tough cuz we had to be consistent n keep playing the game.i played at my best n sacrificed alot of time n energy.really hope i can make it to the team.i also made alot of friends tru the wei hen,zhu han,allan,jim,xiang and many more..

fun times during passion..haha and not forgetting times after bball where we'll eat cendol~!shiok!! =)

-may the force be with u-


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

*It's over*

*I waited*

*It has passed*

Those were the days where we were happy..
Now is the time to say goodbye..
Time passed swiftly..
Leaving me standing here all alone..
Saying to myself softly..
It's over.

Monday, September 18, 2006

How to make a luke ong

3 parts success

5 parts silliness

5 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness

Saturday, September 16, 2006


As i walked into his house..i felt tht feeling..*death*..ppl mourning..
as i stepped into the room,i thought of him..his very picture was in front of me as i paid my respect.
i felt weak..n i looked at him in his box..where he laid word came to my mind..


He had lived life the way he wanted
..he enjoyed it as much as he could..
i understand why he did not let all of us know tht he had cancer..
it was bcuz he just wanted to live life n not let ppl worry..
he played bball so well..
he played for Selangor b4..
he taught me so much..
we talked about our lives..
he praised me alot when i played..
i loved his way of playing da game..
he showed me what was good n da best way..
i listened.

As diz thoughts filled my mind,tears filled my eyes...
with all tht..
i thought to myself..

Life is short and shud be cherished always..
life can be taken away anytime.
life is to be loved.
love others b4 their time and ur time is up.
enjoy life!
come on..
it's not only bout studying..
it's about pursuing what u love most n in da process..
love everybody..
do new things..
do amazing things..

i will always remember him..
what he had taught me..
yes!whenever i play bball..
i'll remember him..
i'll play it good n well..
i'll enjoy da game!

I hope tht his family will take care and will be looked upon by him at all times..
May his soul rest in peace..
-Uncle Ong-

*may the force be with YOU*


Friday, September 15, 2006

*A day filled with happy events but ended with sad news..*

~Main highlights of da day~
Makan bak kut teh with classmates..
Played FooSbaLL..
Made video clips with classmates
Played BbaLL
Played more bBaLL
PlaYeD more And More bball..
goT freE fOoD frOm ICPU OS nite..

*Found out tht one of da uncles tht i know who plays bball nearby my court..passed away..* *He has taught me well in bball..he also played well..*
*i didn't see diz coming..shocked by the news..i just hope his soul will rest in peace*

-May you rest in peace-


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Congratulations Luke Ong Jee Teik, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

*I was anticipating*

hi ppl!ok..i'm gonna make this short n sweet.. In da morning had some breakin i was walking to d toilet..i saw ppl coming down from D floor..i was at C floor..they were walking down the stairs.Just as i got out..i saw 2 ppl slip n fall..a guy n a gal.the guy managed to grab hold of the railing but the gal had a bad fall..she was on the floor for quite some time..shocked!ppl were all around her..her elbow was bleeding..all diz was caused by the slippery floor as it rained..well,i hope she's ok.. college went on and break was at 11 today..cudn't wait ady..went to pin kee to eat..i ate "chap fan" and tht cost me 4bucks!haha well..i took alot of ingredients la.after makan we went to play foosball..GG..*Kien Seng's fried rice*

*My "chap fan"..sweet n sour chicken..kangkong..and brinjal..yummy~*

after tht we went back to col n saw 2 booths set up for us to try some pepsi max samples.we even got a chance to play a game.i tried.i was suppose to throw the ring n made sure tht it surrounds the pepsi max bottles.i had 3 rings to throw..tht is 3 tries..and i had to get all 3 in order to get a 1.5L pepsi max.what's da probability wei??!!i only manage to get,i'm sure u can get da picture.well,at least i got pepsi max notepad as a consolation prize.
*Kien Seng in action*

*My turn..urghh..stretch!!*

after tht,we went to LT2 for the exam briefing.i felt so darn sleepy in there..cuz the chairs were all comfy.. After the briefing was physics..then bio..tht was da time when i was really excited cuz it was da last period n after tht i cud go play,after college i went to put my stuff at library..changed n went down to play bball.after while it started raining!!crappy wei!!sigh..we were suppose to have a selection for the college team to play against other colleges in d MAPCU SPORTS CARNIVAL.i managed to play 1 GG before it rained.really nice passes n good teamwork from muh team.sHiOk perabiz!!! after tht i chilled with da guys at cafeteria..i got changed n went to library to join adrian n guys to study..studied till around 7..then i went to AC to eat...alone..ate char kuey teow..then i went back to library to go on9.chatted with my sister for's not normal chatting with my sis on9 cuz i won't be on9 when she's on9 or vice mum arrived n i went home..oh ya n as i was on da way home..i saw ppl gathering all around a fence..nearby petronas..outside my housing area..well,there was a cricket stadium there n there was a game!!bright lights!!lotsa ppl..lotsa kids all watching~!well..i managed to snap a pic n den it started raining so i chao-ed back to petronas to my mum's car..then..i went back home..
Was very tired n felt disappointed cuz didn't get to go on with da bball it'll be 2moro..postponed..sigh..

I was anticipating.

-may the force be with u-


Wednesday, September 13, 2006



A girl with a sweet smile to brighten up my day
From the first day i met her
From tht time on it was sweet memories
From tht day time passed so fast
We have growned from our cradle
Spreading our wings to pursue what we love most
From tht time on
We'd always be friends
Friends in touch

*Friendz Foreva*

-may the force be with you-

*lukey & bunny*


Day started off with Bio.did lab report.then maths,did trial past year paper.then break!i ate at ac today.i makan vegetarian rice..all vegetarian food meat!then it was english..finished up formal letter then after english was chem.we did some mind mapping on organic chem.was good info.i love this kinda discussion.basically everybody will learn at the same time.after chem was physics which we discussed past yeat paper.nowdays banyak jugak past year kena abis.what to do??next the dawn of the one and only SAM trials!physics comes first.i hv no idea whether i can settle muh studyin by then.well,hafta plan time really well.

After college i went to library to study LAN..msian studies with muh classmates.then,i went down to cafeteria to eat nasi goreng kampung.not much meat oso.just ikan bilis..rice..vege..after tht i rushed to MPH where we had our LAN final exam..after 1 hour of devastating history..i was over LAN!!i kinda had 5 minutes of nap just b4 it finished..bleh..i dunno what i was crappin''s over man!no more LAN...tht is..with condition i pass -.-" then i went to library..didn't really study..watched ppl play bball..then after awhile i went down to play ady..cannot resist.daniel n mark was there played with them..didn't really wanna sweat but ended up sweating anyway..jack came n we played 3 on 2..then had a few more games...

*Mark with da finger roll*

*Daniel with da shot*

after tht..pei wen invited mua to join them for dinner at "longkang" can i resist??she's nice and friendly i was so,i went back to my bag n went to "longkang"'s a mamak la..with a burger stall..the place just LOOKS like a longkang..had maggi goreng and chicken burger.shiok!chit chatted with the ppl there...josh..ian..jack..bobby..xiao wen..sharon..pei wen n nikki was there..oh n 1 more guy..robert??i think..hehe not sure..around 8 sumthing everybody chao-ed..i walked back to library..and as i approached thing came to my mind..RENEW CHEM BOOK!!omg..i nearly forgot to renew as today is the last day to renew or return..if not 50cents per day after the due date.thank God i remembered!so,after renewing i went to asia net..ok..i'm actually typing muh post ere right now..muh mum is coming around 10 sumthing..11pm..cuz she went to i'll just wait..typical day but i didn't study as much as i did on monday and tuesday..bleh~!bad boy..

-may the force be with u-


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Today was a shiok day! first,i went to college..i was so so sleepy as i only had 4 hours of sleep..n yesterday i played bball.feeling tired..the first period was math..i slept.KO~After maths was Physics..k le..i kept myself awake and after tht i went to Bio lab with the guys to get our beansprouts.our bio exp.we had to measure each and every beansprout tht bloomed.after tht,we went to cafeteria and i ate 1 packet of nasi lemak n drank 1 nescafe kopi O.nice bfast..then was was ok la today her mood.we discussed trial paper.Then it was time for break!!! I followed mun choy to bio lab to return sum stuff n we put our bags in ECA.after tht,we went lookin for sean n mr.seng.4 of us went to eat rojak.after 15minutes of walking under the hot sun..finally we reached the stall just opposite Shell.we all ordered 1 plate each.the rojak mamak style was damn shiok!!long time no eat diz kinda rojak.after rojak we whacked some cendol.cold sweet cendol..ahhh~! After our makan..we walked to subang square..feeling all bloated.then,we went to play foosball.played 2 matches.havoc!GG..

*ei sean!!i know u cannot tahan de..control..c mun choy going for it ady..his hands is coming up*

*must Q up first..aunty patient ya..let us young kids buy 1st..*

*Seannie boi..adrian n chimpan-seng enjoying d rojak*

*yummy..mamak rojak taste so good*

*Adrian,cendol,kien seng and sean*

*Sweet Cendol*

after tht,we headed back to college.we went to ECA to chill n did sum whacky stuff there.just having fun and doing what we do best.LOL.we did sum video recording n photo taking.added sum effects video was called the "earthquake" was "brutal brawl between hard choy and chimpan-seng"..Seanie boi was back up actor..the last video we took was called "Feel the Force"..wahaha~!damn funny la..basically we shiok sendiri but it was damn fun!

*Sean aka Spidey*

after tht we went for english and checked our videos out..can't stop ended after english.i went to library to study.studied till 6 sumthing and then followed wai yip for dinner.then went back to library to study.when it was 8pm..i chao from library n went to INTI to meet paula.then i came back home..thanks to her mum.since then,i've been watching all the HARD GAY shows..this videos are damn funny..ya'll shud check it out when ya'll are hafta study for the dumb LAN final exam 2moro...revise phy past maths questions..and finally..SLEEP

-may the force be with u-





-watch his videos at

it's damn farnee =) Enjoy! *SAy Say Say~!*

Monday, September 11, 2006

*I can't swim*

*I'll just drown*

*I'll skip heartbeats*

*I'll soon see nothing*

*Drifting into nothingness*

*Hoping to find the light*

*Nice day ^^ *

today was fun!goofed around class..chit chat with classmates..disturb was mutual basically..they kacau me..i kacau them went well.ate 2 nasi lemak packets in da morning.tht made me suffer later.bleh~well,during break i ate vege and rice oni..i think it was my first time ever just eating vege and rice without any meat.nice and pleasant and it's gud!cuz it clears toxinz.after eating i followed the gals to some boutique with only girls clothing.i cud see..SALE..nice clothes they have.i recommend to ya'll's beside pin kee/ reasonable prices too!during physics,mr tsung(my mentor) gave me a letter of confirmation for the UNISA application.we also got our oral presentation marks!!well,i'm satisfied with what i got le..12/15 which is ok to me.i deserved it.during classes i was walking up n down..dancing around..trying to do ballet with the gals...trying to split..crap..when i try.,i can feel the muscles pulling.OUCH!

After college i went to library to study..mun choy..kien seng n jolene was studying at a table n i joined them.i revised chem n fuh~i tell u..i was really i went upstairs to the silent zone to ask sean to teman me go makan.we went to AC..i ate wantan mee..he ate mee goreng.then,we went back to library..i realized sumthing..when jolene n kien seng debate over POLAR OR NON-POLAR stuff..don't sit at the same table.well,not to say it was noisy..i cud live with it..but honestly..jolene was talking so fast n went on for 15 minutes at least.then jolene disappeared..after 10 minutes she came back..and said..yes kien're RIGHT!blablabla..haha..farnee la just hearing them talk.kien seng went back around 4 sumthing n mun choy went back around 5..daniel was with me le.i revised till around 6 and after tht i went down to play basketball.this indian guy..tall guy wearing basketball jersey caught my eye.his shots in were like 90%..he made it look easy MAN!well,their game ended n i just started playing with the guy..cuz the ppl all went off.out of no where the fellar so shiok..he goes up to the rim and DUNK!!with great power..walao!he once again made things look easy.he actually did a real slam dunk..he even did a WINDMILL dunk!haha..well,the ring is shorter than the standard one la..but he dunked!!we played a game of 3on2 after tht..cuz the guys came back.i was with the indian guy..whose name was MARK.both of us..againts 3 of them..who??joshua..jack and ian.well,first to 11 and we won.he was godlike la..his shots were so good.after the game we got sum rest.then we started doing some skills la to show off.i did my stuff oso =) then,we had a 2on2 match.joshua and mark...simon and i.haha.the game was tough man!i was running like a mad dog..scored well..shot from the perimeter..went in..faked bot of them..layed it in.shiok!out of all tht..our hard play..we WON!first to 11.well..GG la..Good Game!After the game,i went looking for paula at inti.k le..they finished their training ady..the girls went home.i played a game there and it sucked..u dun wanna know what happened.i was really tired n the ppl there were playing grandma oso can play better than them la..damn rough guy kept on going down on the floor and do some Bollywood wtf..act oso act properly la.damn fake la..he like damn lembap case.i no mood to play ady..after tht.paula and i walked back to my col n i got my bag..then we went in front of inti again to wait for her mum.the mum came not long tshirt was so wet i tell u it's like i just bath and wore a tshirt over without wiping was a cold ride home.finally i reached home..washed up and ate dinner.ate char kuey teow my grandma cooked with some siu yuk n vege.nice meal!
day was there's one more thing in my mind..

*my girlfriend*

The thing is..she hasn't been contacting me since she went back to taiping..about 5 days ago.i tried smsing her..calling pick up.i'm kinda worried about her.what has happened to her??even her close classmate doesn't even know..cuz she too can't get her.sigh..i really feel tht i'm being taken for granted.honestly..i dunno whether we can go on..what's the point when i want to talk to her bout our probs..and she just ignores me.there was once when she tried explaining to me..i talked to her..she typed out on her hp and let me read.huh??maybe she's like tht..she can't be direct.but she claims tht she is direct..i really dun like the fact tht we're n gf..but we're acting weird..we're like not like b4..not like even friends..i prefer being single.honestly..i miss being single and just being her friend where we can just have fun and not worry bout our relationship but i guess it's too late for tht..i'll just hope n wait for the next thing to happen.till then,i'm just gonna live on..and enjoy life.. =)

*Thank you my beloved friends who have been supportive and also thx for having faith in me..thanks for all the advice tht u gave me and thx for ur time*i really appreciate all tht ya'll have done*

tht's all for today n thx for dropping by..btw..did u know tht u have a pair of beautiful eyes??

-may the force be with you-

Saturday, September 9, 2006

*TCSJ Dance Crew Performing at Sunway College*
Your Japanese Name Is...

Shouta Rokujochigusa

Friday, September 8, 2006

The end of a hectic week..PhEw!!

Friday morning was went on as usual..we revised maths which i was so blur about.physics was after tht.finally, the last day of presentations.the first was wai yip,followed by jolene, chanchal, marie and mai chee.all did a good presentation in their own way.even wai yip looked like an optical sales person.haha.after presentations was creative writing time during ESL.i had to write my essay all over again as i forgot to leave a margin beside the essay.

*Sean and Wai Yip*

*Marie,Kavi,Jolene and Sean*

*Wai Yip presenting his topic*

*Marie presenting her topic*

Bio was next.i and muh group..adrian,kien seng and sean did an experiment involving green beens and some solution.haha.we were suppose to use temperature as the factor affecting the growth of the green pea.hmm...interesting!!we took some pics around the lab..future professors and future doctors!!!uufooooOO~!

*Heart replica*

*Faye acting cute..well..she is cute*

*Group at work*

*Goofing around bio lab*

After bio was break!
!most of my class peepz went to pin kee to eat.i ate mixed rice.we chit chatted around and i showed some videos to the guys.after tht,we went back to col for chem.bleh the weather was darn hot!when we reached the class we got ready for ms.tan to come it..i pretended to make summary notes but in the end i didn't do.chem was dull..then,col ended ady.we went to library and i did maths.after awhile..i got a call from li anne who told me she might have lost her phone in the, i ran back to our last class n checked n NO i didn't find, i tried calling li anne's phone.albert ended up picking it up..then i went to ECA to get the phone the end, albert said tht li anne has to sign out in a book first then only she can retrieve her phone..tht'll be next monday.i then went back to library n to my suprise..2 girls were sitting in front of adrian n i tot tht he knew them..i didn't know how they got there..well,after awhile...xiao wen came along.i continued with maths till around 7 and i was chit chatting with her in the process.just after 7,i went for dinner which i had alone.miserably..i ate fried chicken rice.after dinner,i went back to get my bag n went to asia net.went on9 and played cs.i also chatted at the same time n watched some dancing..popping videos.i chilled there till 11.45pm then my mum arrived in front of bakers i got into the was SO smelly cuz of the wine my mum drank.on the way home,she talked extra alot and was high ady cuz of 2 glasses of wine.we reached home safely..thank GOD ^^ my mum was really missing my dad like never b4...she really felt down..bcuz of the wine i guess..she kept on saying i'm alone...i'm alone..well,this is cause my dad is working all the way in penang who only comes back twice a day was really really tiring.. thanks for reading!!

-may the force be with u-


Thursday, September 7, 2006

*what a day!!*

College started as normal 2day..i did my formula sheet during bio..after bio,it was break, the guys n i went to cafeteria to eat nasi lemak.after tht,we went for chem.during chem,we made soap!!it was really fun..well i was the one who kept on stirring the solution.sadly..daniel had to throw our hard work as it crumbled in his pocket!err.. After chem,it was time for maths ct4 ady.we went to MPH to do the test.50 minutes.i finished most of it except for the last page.aiya..6 marks gone ady..anyway,it's over so no point complaining.after maths ct4 was english.i continued my english creative writing.i had a really gud plot in muh mind.i finished half of it oni.i'll be finishing it 2moro.after english,we went for presented first..followed by li anne,jesvin,simon,sean and finally went well..good job to all of them but i wud like to praise li anne a lil more for her hard work.her preparation paid off with a good ending.hehe. College ended and after tht,i went to asia cafe with the guys.hungry..i ate fried rice with chicken.after tht,i went up to ac to play foosball.played awhile with reema,jesvin n harveen.then, played with mun choy n s

ean.after our game, we headed back to col library.we chilled around in library awhile.went on9 to share sum info bout girls in,what to do??guys.. at 3.30pm i went off to ADP office where i was suppose to meet amy.i went there n at 3.45pm..alvin called n he came to where i was with his dancing partner..felicia.after a few minutes, amy arrived and we went into the adp office and then into purple box studio where we rehearsed dancing.amy taught me the steps i wa suppose to learn.the steps i was suppose to do with her in the pair dancing.had some difficulties at first but i got over them after awhile..i could eventually carry amy!lol..after tht,at 5 sumthing..we went to amy's car and got in.she drove us to sunway col. We arrived at sunway col and tried to find for their mph.we had to ask a girl for directions and she showed us the way.honestly,i swear tht sunway's coll is at least 10 times bigger than tcsj.really nice place..nice view especially in the night from the staircase corridor.we reached mph and settled down.after awhile we started rehearsing again at mph.there were hardcore breakdancers there who were practising.wa takut oh..they were so "geng" in chun la in break dancing.the function started around 7 sumthing n there were around 50 ppl who attended the charity dance,the show must go on!!no matter what.urban groove performed first n we got ready by then.our dance went well and it was really good.after tht,they had more lucky draws n games.then there were performances from this group called VILLANZ who sang tamil..malay n english songs..more on RnB..hip hop and rapping le.they call it multi-language.after all tht..there was the last performance by the chun mia group of breakers from sunway col who were actually from indonesia n thailand n india as well as m'sia.after the function,we started dancing like crazy..woo shiok!danced till around 10.30pm n my mum beeped me.muh mum bought McD for me as i was really hungry..reached home bout 11 sumthin.really tired but what a great day!!had lotsa fun n it was really nice to dance again n perform for ppl!!!body aching now..eyes closing..sleepy..c ya ppl!!thanks for dropping by =)


*TCSJ Dance Crew*

-may the force be with u-

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

*College Fun*

My day was great!!the morning started off ok.i went to class right after i reached college.i had maths DI first which we managed to finish the paper in 50minutes bcoz of teamwork.thx to marie, adrian and simon =) after maths was physics where there was the oral presentation.siaw chien presented first followed by kien seng,cannie,yun ceat and joanne and daniel.After the oral presentation was bio.then after bio..our class had a arm wrestling session which was havoc!there were guys arm wrestling each other as well as girls!such macho-ness!!

*Siaw Chien*

*Kien Seng*


*Yun Ceat*



*Marie VS Karen*

*Siaw Chien VS Jolene*

*Yun Ceat VS Harveen*

*Sean VS Kavi*

*Joanne VS Kavi*

*Karen VS Kavi*

*Sean VS Karen*

After tht was time for chem.then,it was time for break!!during break time, i went to success with the guys.i met yi lin and my beloved pet sis, angie who was now studying at inti.i ate fried rice with lotsa chilli padi.omg!it was so shiok..i ate all of it and was satisfied with what i ate.i even had to get tissue from my tht we went to asia net cuz we wanted to play CS.whoa!the whole CC was was because a lvls had just finished their AS trials exams.well,we then went to asia club to play foosball.after a game..joe and i went to asia net again to check for places but no place.after tht,i decided to go find muh pet sis,kavi who was in cafeteria which i tot so..hehe.she was unwell and had to eat fruits.karen was there with her chit chatting.i came and kacau them for awhile and soon we had to go to class for english.we had listening comprehension during english.something about new zealand and australian universities.well,it was pretty ok to do.after english i chit chatted with kavi for awhile and we walked to cafeteria.the moment we got there,i had to go off already as i was following paula back at,i went to burger king where her mum was already there and she took me back home.bleh..i was dozing off in da car already and as soon as i got home,i bath and after tht,i went to take a nap.i woke up about 5 hours later and it was already 9 sumthing.i had some sushi my mum bought for me and ate fried rice again..which my grandma cooked with some siu yuk and vege.after dinner i went to the com to finish up my physics oral presentation slides.i finally finished my slides at 1am but i still gotta practice.i guess i'll be sleeping around 2 sumthing ;p

-may the force be with u-