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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Haircut!!!

Hey peeps.
Darn freakin long since i've blogged dei~
Have been bz working in sushigroove la dei~
sorry for the long offdays-from-blogging
For ur long awaited post, here it is!!!

The year is 2008 and I took it like it was another year to waste. at the strike of 12am Jan1st 2008,I wished my family happy new year, drank sparkling juice, yea safe n fast. Due to my lack of sleep n whole day of working..i KO less than 5mins after tht. It's like i just slept tru as the year passed from 2007 to 2008.felt kinda weird cuz it's so diff from other yrs where i would be celeb with family or if not with friends.partaying all night long!

Oh well, i guess God wants me to keep it simple ^^
Oh and guess what??i cut my 1month..
first time is super short like "beckham" konon but came out to look like a chinese primary school kid =.= and i just got another one today which was even super super short. ahah!this wan was abit the advance.super short hair + spike style middle long + 2 botak stripes on each side of my head..woo~

oh oh and not forgetting my new piercings.darn!finally got all 3holes back into place.2 of them keep closing but's all good.3 is enough...I think... =p

Actcherly~there's lotsa things to do this work n work!study hard!gotta keep the Hardo bond together!Kavi went to Aus de.more mature than all of the hardos de!!u go GIRL!!take them on like a PLUM!!!the rest of the hardos!!get rdy to have fun!!try to hv outings le aight!2getha-getha of cuz!!!n we gotta take lotsa pics for kavi to see!!aight??

Other than that, ah being the Male School of Arts Rep..gotta take care of the art students wei~
damn cool...den summore i'm the Human Resource Officer for Student Services..gotta deal with more humans la..aight this is my field!bring it on!!

k thts all for my first post after such a long time. Time to sleep...cya around peepz!!