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I'm Luke aka Groundwalker.23.Monash University BA graduate. Majored in Comm/Psych.Loves sports like football & basketball.Strong passion in dancing. I dance mostly hip-hop, popping, breakdance, latin and others. I'm the eldest in the family. Sociable and funny. Entertaining. Whacky. Sporting.Cheeky.Mischievous. Well, you know.. The force is strong in this one..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My celebrity look alikes

haha omg..guys!!and also ladies!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Major Update!!!

Hola!!!sorry for the long major update for muh blog.. Well, for the past few weeks, i've been doing webtests every week as usual, lab reports, and assignments. I've kept myself fit by exercising too. played bball and danced. went for swimming with ex-collegemates too. all to release stress, exercise and just to hv a great time n fun with friends!!

Other than that, i've watch Spiderman-3 and Sunshine.Superb. About Spiderman-3, i loved the action and the humor.tht's why i love watching the show.expecially Goblin Jr. gaya mia ninja About Sunshine, typical..Armageddon movie.haha.bout a group of the finest ppl from Earth.well, ppl who can drive a big spaceship, grow plants to produce oxygen for them, and handle a nuclear bomb. The last part was kinda awkward cuz of tht "scary" fellar they put in there.super twist of the story le.oh..there's a major diff compared to this movie, everybody dies.

*Double Spidey*

There were jamming sessions with Joe and Adrian. we play foosball together too.haha ain't so good at it.i dunno why i can't pick up tht Thanks Shanq yeet for all the help in bio quiz as well as other things like letting me stay over ^^ we had such a great time..haha..*ahem* I've also been going for MPAC(Monash Performing Arts Club) activities. I've choreographed a street dance for the fund raising week which we performed on friday in the cafeteria. It went really well.Synchro and all. I'm proud of the dancers!! =) Check the video out below!!!

My sweetie has been supportive during university times as well as outside of uni. She drives me to and from uni cuz she has the car and i don''s so sad..bleh. she's been taking care of me well.manja alot le.i love it when she does. The way she makes me smile.. =) Thank you so much sweetie!!Love you!!

The Man,

The Lady


The Couple.

Man United has won the EPL League Cup!!haha i'm so darn proud of them..they're gonna beat Chelsea in FA CUP too!!!haha..i just feel that they're having great confidence stopping the REDs!!!Glory Glory Man United!!!

*ManUnited the Champions*

For the past few weeks, all the above are kinda the summary. Below, is about today.. I woke up at 2pm today when i was suppose to wake up at 7 and go play bball at Monash with muh friend. Actually, it was a good thing i didn't go cuz all of them couldn't make it.haha.phew..after waking up, i washed up, had lunch and went on9. around 5 sumthin, i went for bball at BK5.woot??! they changed the bball court.renovated ady.was about time haha.had quite alot of games today..lost many times..but won a few too.haha.not bad for a guy who hasn't played much in a month. After bball, i went back..and had dinner, then i washed up and came on9 again. After tht, i went for supper with muh dad. came back and it was around 12pm!! Mother's Day!!!i wished my mum..gave her a kiss and massaged her leg..2moro..i'm gonna go to market in the morning with muh for groceries and then come back home..and cook for her =) aight..tht's all for now.wait for my next update yeah. Thanks to everybody who dropped by..take care and keep smiling =)

*May the Force be with You*